Deeplyyoga classes help to restore a reconnection to yourself. Leaving you feeling balanced with energy and composure.

Based in Derbyshire

Who Are We & What We Do

We are a growing friendly yoga community. Classes are tailored and delivered in various settings, including schools, community centres, studios, student halls, GP surgery, Chair Yoga & outdoors.

They are designed for a diverse community of differing ages & abilities. The emphasis is to deliver the essence of yoga, that is authentic & incorporating a more modern style. The physical Asana practice, includes both Hatha & Vinyasa. Variations for beginners and challenges for the more seasoned yogi.

In every class, you will learn about meditation, the importance of breath & Pranayama is emphasised. Together we achieve greater awareness & consciousness to the body, mind & raising the vibration. You will notice an inner peace & joy. A stillness & peaceful mind.

You will gain a strong and flexible body, learning acceptance. The mind will be guided to the true essence of yoga, that is stillness.

Physical Practices

Yoga helps to improve your physical health through strengthening the bones and muscles, through asanas (poses).

Mental Practices

Yoga helps to release negative energy and improve focus through breathing (pranayama), and finding stillness through various meditation practices.

Spiritual Practices

Yoga improves the quality of life, helping both the body and mind to connect through awareness using the physical & mental practices.

Find A Class In Our Diverse and Welcoming Community

The journey of yoga is a process of self refinement to bring stillness to the mind. Yoga Asana is not about how it looks from the outside but how it feels from the inside. You will build your practice on the processes of Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, Yoga Nidra & Meditation

Life Ebbs & Flows - Its Ok To Not Be Happy All The Time

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice rooted in Indian philosophy, written in ancient literature known as the Vedas, a collection of spiritual poems & hymns. The word ‘Yoga’ translates as ‘yoke’ or ‘union,’ encapsulating the core principle of yoga as a means unifying:

Spiritual enlightenment is thought to be achieved once one has unified each of these things!


I started the classes for body stretches & a respite from a feeling of emptiness. Through the careful guidance in the classes. Jagdeep opened a window how to live and love, especially myself
- David N.
I always, thought yoga wasn’t for me. Jagdeep’s classes, covers it all from breathing, cardio to meditation. I always walk away feeling relaxed and unburdened. She is a very observant & tentative to individual needs and helps to realign correctly
- Kal C.
I absolutely love deeplyyoga classes, I’ve been attending for a few years now. Jagdeep is very experienced and knowledgeable about the benefits of the different postures. There’s a lovely flow to the classes and I always leave feeling relaxed and energized. These classes have helped me with my flexibility as I have a joint problem. I would recommend these classes of all ages
- Rosie K
The hour I spend doing yoga, with Jagdeep is the best hour of my week. I get everything I need, a workout, breaking into a sweat, strong stretch into sore muscles and deep relaxation at the end. It truly is both mind and body yoga. Jagdeep projects really good positive energy, so if you’ve been having a rough day, this class will set you back on the right path. I would definitely recommend it!
- Gowthami A.