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About Deeplyyoga

Hi, I’m Jagdeep, the face behind Deeplyyoga and your yoga instructor.

In all honesty I believed I wasn’t the yoga type, even though my father had established himself in yoga at the age of 77!! I had sat and watched him, heard his chanting, watched his belly flap in and out! His spindly body sitting tirelessly on the floor. Never did I think years later yoga would become my life passion & transformation.

Dad had on numerous occasions asked, “why don’t you do the yoga?” l told him running was my thing, I didn’t have time to go slow, I loved the fast pace and pounding heart, running gave me what I wanted. Back then, I always considered Yoga slow and boring. Only later, realising how very wrong I had been.

It all happened back in 2013, as a family we had the opportunity to live in Bangalore. With my husband in his new job and kids in their new school. I quickly found myself trying out a yoga class. In the land of Yoga, now was the time to take a deep dive. I knew this was a great opportunity, hearing my dad’s voice in my head. “Try the Yoga”

I recall my first class, the teacher beaming with a wide smile welcoming us into the outdoor studio. He gave a brief introduction, telling us the meaning of Yoga and mind body connection.

I found my body quickly uncomfortable & agitated from sitting for meditation & pranayama (breathing, expansion of life force). It was borderline painful. My running years & stretching sidelined had made my body stiff. I wouldn’t be touching my toes, even with the heat of Bangalore. We learned the asana (poses) where we we’re made to move forwards, backwards & into twists. We were told about the flow of energy in the body and our life force. Yoga being a system of self realisation, living with awareness and peaceful mind. I was totally blown away. Yoga had never been packaged to me in this way. 

I actually felt a little sad, as I wished I’d listened to my father and started this journey sooner. But as the saying goes, “when the student is ready the teacher appears” and for sure that was me! I knew from then on, my running would be secondary.

In 2014, I took 200hr certification in Pranayama, yoga asana, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow and Power Yoga & meditation. Since then, I have up-skilled my learning by taking a 30hr training in yoga anatomy. I am currently enrolled in a programme, 50hrs Beyond Asana.

I teach a diverse group of people, from young to golden age, with both online and face to face sessions, combining one to one, and family yoga. I teach at various locations, hold private sessions and those delivered at studios, with mindfulness sessions, at student halls, online chair yoga, tailored women’s wellness, and upcoming outdoor yoga in Beautiful Derbyshire. In the process of curating Yoga Retreats, we support various charities and at every Christmas we support the Food Bank at the Hope Centre.

If you're looking to deepen your yoga practice, then Deeplyyoga in Derby is the perfect place to start! We offer a range of classes and sessions to suit all skill levels, so no matter what your experience level, we'll have something for you. Come and join us and see how much you can grow with our expert guidance.